Greetings from Slovakia

Hi Cargo addicts, I received a mail with a very interesting attachment.
Have fun, stay vivid and your stuff will be found in Czech too.
Here is the quoted text:
"Hi Cargocolor, i´m sending you couple of pictures to your hitparade. Taken on
a saturday trip somewhere in czech where we unexpectedly found area full of
german wagons of the AAE with few colored ones amongs them.
The reason why the wagons are at this place, standing there for already couple
of months, previously sent from slovakia and obviously kept in good condition
is a question. Maybe they are about to get some more paint and change the owner.
Anyway bullo+barto in one row, i love u in another."

If you also have a nice story to tell, feel free to let us know and send a mail.
I'll post it within the next weeks. Promised!

Barto Iloveyou TD2F