Abandoned freightyard in vienna

Quite near the city centre of vienna...

Short trip in the 70s

Beside the freightspotting we take a short trip in the mid 70s. On youtube i found this rare footage of NYCity trains.
I always see simularities between the rusted subwaycars and dirty freight trains. Nevertheless the New York ones were painted at a higher rate than the freights but... we will see how the freight-writing will develop - especially in europe. Maybe in a few years we'll spot a panel near a t2b and a e2e next to a wholecar :)


Jake, Cariv, Sel, Skee colored burners

found on a website site one year ago, but i don't remember the name. if anyone knows the page please let me know


Known names at the "Brennerpass" in italy

Randomly found on youtube, you see throw ups done by Magik, Cause, and a Hesht panel.


Charlie Winston - Like a Hobo

Unfortunately there are no freights in this hobo? music video, but the song kept sticking in my head.

Kaput's Blog

Check out the Blog of Kaput from Canada. He is quite well known for his freight trains... i like his fresh stuff.


here are some uploads of his freight trains:


A great page about the freight train Graffiti from North America with a lot of good stuff

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