Merry christmas 2011

Thank you all for reading or following cargocolor. Within the last weeks, it has been a little bit calm at our blog.
We'll come back in 2012 with some new projects and a print issue. So far, chill and relax in the next days in your family circles and have a good time!
Maybe you'll find some time to take some flicks. If they're well done send them at

And yeah, don't drink too much ;)

Arok OBS

10 years european spread haul

Well, ten years are a long time. Maybe the panel has seen in this decade more countries than you ever travelled.

brato van brat

Barto Iloveyou

Marco Cobain

Marco grew up next to a freightyard near Bremen.
So as a matter of course he has got the passion for freight trains in his venes.
Check his Flickr account and his tumblr

sodom and gomorra

Tosk Limp Berok Roxor Zoro