Sina is rollin' through the afternoon

Duko Zoro

Duko Zoro


Snob 12ers "Ganz großes Kino" in the twilight

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I've seen the AnDieTitten-Workers-Train the first time in 2007 as i was on a trip to Leipzig. Stunning that it still runs. It was done around 2003 i guess.

Good weather, bad weather/ badaysgoodays

The current weather in my area is quite depressing. Rain the whole day, a temperature of 6 degrees and its alomst getting dark outside at 5 o'clock now. Autumn has arrived...

The foto includes all things to make me smile: freights, sunshine and no workers.


A few weeks ago I took a short walk outside the yards and had a look inside the Bethanien in Börlin-Kreuzbörg.Well I saw a lot of taggs done by famous local freight writers.
Now i also know the members of the Iloveyou posse.

I Love You , Hobo riders

Well the birds might approach to have a hobo ride with comfortable coal waggon in a southern direction.

"Forever Demon prince"

a rotten apple or evanescence near the yard

Maybe it is also possible to call this picture a vanitas stil life.


Shiv DTA


Sitting Bull? freight scratch