one golden nugget


"I'm not there, i'm gone."

i love you

Atze Fresse Tmek Luigi Berlin 2:Corus86 Kolben

Monikers go far

A new update on also with a Moniker from 1984.

manual lesson

Check out this page if you ever wanted to know what the typography and pictograms on freighttrains signify. Unfortunately only in German language.

So what did we learn so far? If you have to paint on those trains, please try to leave out the typography, or the fucking dickheads buff the whole motherfucking piece, yo, word up.

As well in Güterzug 3 it is written down:"keep the numbers clean, otherwise the dragons have to scratch."

Yes K.Klaus, i agree.

Spongebob Fr8load

Move to the groove

A huge debil update on Shag it out

Impressions next door

I've founded a neew category called "impressions next door" to illustrate the interesting details of the scenery near some special yards.

lets get naked

you can improve your figurative painting skills if you take a closer look on the freights.

Frate Punk

NOFX One of my favourite freightwirting crews. Greetings in the southern direction.