Knights and Merchants

Kings Heroes and the Fret has arrived. Bien sur.
72 pages, A4, 57 Copies
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THE Babbo Ruffneck


Hey Nate you are on air.

fun and adventure at sunday evening, thanks marcus

Train On The Brain from TrainOnTheBrain on Vimeo.

Filmmaker Alison Murray drops out of the rat race, grabs a camera,
and hits the rails with some other punk kids on
a transcontinental freight train hopping adventure. On their odyssey they
encounter a cast of hobos and runaways, scallywags and castaways.
Amidst runins with the law, and surviving the perils of
the elements, Alison weaves her narrative over beautifully shot film
and video with an old-time soundtrack by Beck (think Woody Guthrie and Leadbelly).

Barto gets around

I found some barto pieces via Flickr. Unfortunately no freights but still hot. yes, really hot.
BARTO on Flickr


Well, i hope you've got some christmas money left so you could donate
it to greenpeace or buy this book of an outstanding graffiti artist called cap.
He is from Prague and developed a lot of simple and creative ideas with his letters C-A and -P.
Besides the walls he painted, he also had a short walk through the freights, especially the old models from Czechia.

Just check this short PDF preview to form your own opinion.
You are able to purchase the book at

ren and stimpy

Nots Weno KES