G Freight unit

Gangstas in your freight yard, i guess you would not like to meet them.
But hey dude, relax.
You don't have to get to know those guys- the video was released in the early 90s.
Gangsta Pat with his gangsta gangsta boogie and some freight trains rolling
in the surrounding. He should better take care for posing in the tracks otherwise
his gangsta life will end up very fast. And his bitches are moms nowadays.

Budha UGLS DBF and the blind old dog Wolfi from the tarpaulin haul inc.

Impressions of Buff

Italian buff- the freights seem to be cleaner than commuter trains.

Cargo Art @ Stroke

"Graffiti lookalike Graffiti on freight train 150cm x 500cm" by Smash137 (feature for La Grille Urban Art Gallery) and above by an Unknown artist


Kripo Cause

Kripo Cause Blaze Pheo Rez Cito Fao former Berlin Mitte graffiti champions changed the surface for their artwork.

a swedish freight train arrives in northern germany. check the lovely sound and watch the large
amout of graffiti passing by.

good freight, good night

Bnote Iloveyou

Ostkreuz Superhelden emerge together

Hesht Cause

CA and HE on tarpaulin with spray.