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Transwaggon strikes back.

Paris Batignolles au secours

Bummelbahn für Güter

Und in Deutschland? Die Bundesrepublik liegt mit Investitionen von 47 Euro pro Kopf für das Schienennetz in der Rangfolge weit hinten. Während in vielen europäischen Ländern in den vergangenen 20Jahren das Eisenbahnnetz ausgebaut wurde, ist es hierzulande um 17 Prozent geschrumpft. Deutschland ist dabei, den internationalen Anschluss zu verlieren. Schlimmer noch: Ohne einen deutlichen Richtungswechsel in der Verkehrspolitik wird das Land kaum in der Lage sein, das prognostizierte Wachstum des Transportbedarfs in den kommenden Jahren zu bewältigen. Nach Schätzungen des Bundesverkehrsministeriums nimmt der Güterverkehr bis zum Jahr 2025 um 70 Prozent zu, der Güterfernverkehr sogar um 80 Prozent. Für den Personenverkehr wird mit einer Zunahme von 20 Prozent gerechnet...


Flar Zom crew spends this piece to his gang

double trouble

Outside in the woods were i found the Iloveyou fr8 dominatorteam and a cumshotcharacterpanelpenispiece by tesi?


UIR smiles up on you




Falns 121


Buffed DBF. Thanks to the anonymous ones

Cold colors on cold steel

Dr. Doom is in the room.


Hesht has spoken.

Geo Nofx


An interesting trailer about the freight train artists/monikers in the usa. The movie is still in production, i'll let you know if and when it will release.

Teaser: Ramblin' is the documentary of a nationwide search for the anonymous and unknown artists of freight train monikers. This art form has been prevalent on the rails since the Great Depression but is often overshadowed by larger, aerosol train graffiti.
The film features artists such as the Colossus of Roads, The Rambler, Smokin' Joe, The Kodak Kidd and Conrail Twitty.


In Beddingen they celebrate carneval. And clownish workers write this message on freight trains.

A bit nerdy impression of a large number of parked Transwaggons in the middle of germany. Due to the finance crisis they are temporarily not in use and have to rest in the fields. The low costs in Ebeleben-Keula for the use of the track seemed to be quite attractive for the Transwaggon AG from Hamburg.


it'll grab your nose

live from franconia

randomly chosen on youtube: hesht and tracy rolling in the south of germany at 0:11

the dunkel

No nighttrain is coming, take it easy

Colored grey

Thanks to those crazy guys from the project

Lady in red

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