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i found an impressive collection of freight trains from europe, asia and north america on ekosystem

You will never reach the peak as life is endless,


Bestand an Güterwagen der Eisenbahn in Deutschland

Die Anzahl der Güterwagen übertraf und übertrifft die der Reisezugwagen um ein Vielfaches. Die rückläufige Stückzahl lässt nicht immer automatisch auf eine geringere Beförderungsleistung schließen, da sich das durchschnittliche Ladevolumen und die zulässigen Ladegewichte ständig vergrößert haben.

* 1850 – 9.147
* 1860 – 66.728
* 1870 – 168.902
* 1880 – 328.858
* 1890 – 436.833
* 1909 – 486.121
* 1911 – 560.000
* 1945 – 127.000
* 1950 – 270.000
* 1960 – 272.700
* 1970 – 282.500
* 1980 – 287.400
* 1990 – 206.900
* 1995 – 178.500
* 1996 – 167.300
* 1997 – 150.600
* 1998 – 139.700
* 1999 – 132.400
* 2003 – 107.031
* 2006 – 105.5001

2010 sind in Deutschland insgesamt knapp 154.000 Güterwagen eingestellt.

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Alf IB 1,2,3 bubbles 1,2,3, bubbles 1,2,3 bubbles

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Tales From The Rails

As the 1980's came to an end so did the graffiti on New York City's subway trains. During this same era graffiti writers were just beginning to discover the possibilities of painting America's freight-train system.
In 1992, filmmaker M. Nielsen began documenting this phenomenon. For this video he has captured hundreds of classic works from coast to coast recorded interviews with the likes of T. Favin and Yen 34; and documented live 'missions' with such writers as Monk, Keot, Ewok, Rehab and Kon. Shot in color and B&W Super 8 film, Hi-8 video and 35mm photographs; Tales From The Rails is a presentation of the 'Freight Movement' filmed over an 8 year time span and shot in the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. Some of the artists whose works appear in this movie are: Sane, Smith, Lady Pink, Sento, Sien 5, Key, Cavs, Poet, Hush, Free 5, Muze, Monk, Spone, Ryze, Alert, Kept, Ewok, Yen 34, Much, Cycle, Power, Gkae, Haze, Bles, Porn, King 157 and many more! Music excavated by A. Broder.

old times new, new times old

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Hesht Geo Spair Skoo NOFX Alf21

spot of color

Astre Loofy

from swiss to norway

The same panel spottet in different countries.

In the swiss countryside

and in the norwegian plains Vomit

skoo - someone really rediculous; someone in the act of doing something odd; goober

A man knocking on someone's door when he knows that no one's home.