Freight Magazin out now.

The freight Magazin has arrived. It includes 40 pages of painted freights and a dvd with a run time of 40 minutes.

A lot actions of Debil Frei Budha and some more are shown on the DVD. E2e, a lot of panels, wholecars and some T2B are represented.
You will also learn new forms of posing in front of your pieces. Surprise!
The DVD features a TWC special, i guess it is a crew from eastern europe. You see them painting and former communist industrialized buildings in the background.
The Soundtrack features funk and oldschool hiphop and some form of music between house and hiphop. I never heard ODB in a house track.
To draw a conclusion, there are still thousands of freights running which where never noticed- the whole project to portrait the painted steel is so expandable.
The freight magazin outlines the freight writing culture in a very respectable form from another point of view. It sticks close to the tradition of hiphop-graffiti and is not comparable to zines like "G├╝terzug".
Lets be curious for the next issue of the freight magazin. Every beginning is hard.

be quick it is limited to 100 copies!!!order it here. 12 Euronen
"buy now or cry later." Yo Sir.